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Press Release: Introducing New Eshe Scooter Board

At ESHE, we don't just sell extreme sporting goods, we live the lifestyle behind our brands. Whether it's fun, funky, or functional, mass-market, specialty or core, we provide today's sporting goods market with a full line of quality xtreme products. Employee approved from suits to sneakers – Our street team lets us know what the kids are down with and what are the hottest selling items in the stores.

Plastic skateboards, motocross brands and xtreme scooters are sooo hot right know, so we have blended the best of these into the next level range of Eshe products. USA Made skateboards are sooo 1995, so we are proud to introduce our Eshe XTREME SCOOTER-BOARD™ with Removable handle. Wanna skate like it's 1966, take the handle bar off or keep the handles on if you want to tail whip and backflip this bitch.

Also coming soon, Eshe Scooter-Snake™, Eshe Board Blades™ and Eshe Downhill Long RipStik Scooter-Board™.