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New Zealand gets a SOTY.

Great news! Well done Manual for making this happen! 

"Wednesday 2nd May 2012: It’s a hard road to the top and once you get there what do you do? You bask in the glory and look back at the trail of shred you’ve left behind.

We here at Manual Magazine thought it was about time to reward our finest skateboarders by giving them their rightful title, that of New Zealand Skater of the Year.

From this year on our accomplished panel will keep a watchful eye over the moves and shakes in our fair industry. Not only will they be looking for one consummate individual to crown as our finest, but they will be taking notes about our under and over achievers, the rebels and the upstarts, the slow burners and the yearners. Awards will be forthcoming to those people who define our industry in each and every way, be it from the podium or the pit below.

In February next year, with input from our readers, we will announce the first winner of Manual’s inaugural New Zealand Skater of the Year award. Other outstanding kiwis will also be decorated with fitting titles to match their accomplishments.

Until then, get out there and do your best, or worst. We’ll be watching."