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A nice letter in Admedia Magazine NZ.

Hey look we're gaining fans in the Advertising Industry, like Stewart Gilbride here, a good chap who "specializes in distilling complex issues into bite sized chunks today’s consumers have the time, and motivation to interact with." Or is Stewart actually Ajay Sagar Parwani?? The writing is awfully similar to some of the emails we are getting from the subcontinent and where English is a second language (compared to our barely-passed-high-school engrish!). 

PS.  Looks like a bunch of "Skateboard Juveniles" made a point (see our previous post) that went over the head of old Stewie here.

PPS. Stewart; these graphics were made just for spineless assholes like you, who would happily ban our skateboard graphics, just to pander to a small group of religious wackaloons.