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Earthquakes and how to profit from them.

For those stuck in a cave, a 7.1 magnitude earthquake hit the New Zealand city of Christchurch on Saturday 4 September 2010 (NZ time). Even though this quake was roughly the same size and type as the recent one in Haiti, we were lucky enough to have had no fatalities and we have a reasonably solid government infrastructure to get Christchurch back on its feet.

So after this disaster what’s the first thing for a shitty souvenir T-Shirt label to do? Why, that would be to start knocking out Christchurch Earthquake t-shirts as soon as you can (2 days later in fact!) and flick a charity a few bucks so it doesn’t seem tacky or tasteless.

To me this just seemed to be cashing in on others misfortune. The fact that a lot of people where willing to hand over their dollars without questioning the motives behind the promotion, annoys the fuck out of me. Yes, there are “cause” products all the time. “Buy this pen and a buck goes to X foundation” sort of thing. But, you know the “X foundation” logo on your pen is a marketing cost for the company to help sell their products.

My first thought when I came across this was “hey dicks, how come you’re not giving away all the profits or even donating the production cost, if you really want to help”? Even though Eshe is a new brand, we have been making t-shirts for over 15years and we know the cost of producing a t-shirt, so it’s a shame more money didn’t end up in the hands of the charity mentioned.

It’s easy for us to bitch, so Eshe along with its small loyal following, would like to give these chumps a lesson in how to do it right…


So we are offering our new Mr Vulture t-shirt for sale online only at $25. 100% of the profits will be going to an awesome charity*. Actually $20 from each sale will be going to a great cause. We don’t have deep pockets so $5 will help go towards the cost of the t-shirts, but we will be donating all the printing and labelling costs.

Head over to our online store and place your pre-order for delivered around the first of October.

*The $20 from sale of each t-shirt will go to Non-Believers Giving Aid and every cent of that $20 will go to their partners Doctors Without Boarders, We have chosen this charity, because while we have friends, family, government and insurance to help us get Christchurch back on its feet, in Pakistan has 8 million people are in need of immediate assistance, including food and medical aid, and 4.6m of these have been left without shelter.

P.S. Oh and you should also be questioning our motives. Question EVERYTHING!!