​News and random ramblings from the Eshe posse.


This project started it's life when we got together with as a way to have a little fun with our twice yearly streetposter drop. We really were just indulging our own twisted sense of humour, but once we finished the posters we knew we had to see these on t-shirts and skateboards. Now due to the massive response we are also in the process of getting signed artprints made. We will try to keep the price down and quality up.

You can now pre-order the T-Shirts from our online store and we will ship as soon as they come off the printer in approx 2 weeks. We are not doing a massive run, so make sure you pre-order yours today.


Just a note on our pricing for you northern hemisphere peeps. Our prices are pretty good here in NZ, where your average US Skate tee sells for NZ$60. However because we don't grow cotton, we are at the ass end of the world where everything has to come here on a slow boat through pirate infested waters and we hand print all our tees, we can't knock these out for US$20.

p.s. just kidding about the pirates.