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Daniel Josefsohn “Newton Frontside Air” Skateboard Deck

"German photographer Daniel Josefsohn presents the “Newton Frontside Air” skateboard deck in his first large scale solo exhibition at the Hamburger Kunstverein, that recently opened its doors. The photographer used to be a skater, in fact almost turned pro, in the 70s, until his skateboard career was cut short, due to injuries. He uses the occasion to remind himself and the world where he came from and thus presents his first skateboard deck as part of his new exhibition.

The photo on the deck is part of a series, which was heavily inspired by Helmut Newton’s style, yet Josefsohn gives it his own twist, by adding the Stormtrooper mask, an element that we have seen many times in his works over the last years. The deck comes in a signed and numbered edition of 50 and is now available for purchase at the exhibition."

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