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Moxsie’s mission is to help you discover and buy the best independent designer clothing, jewelry, shoes and more in the world. Every designer we showcase on Moxsie is handpicked by our team of style scouts. This group has canvassed every runway from L.A. to Paris and inspected every garment from trade shows in New York, Hong Kong and beyond. Moxsie chooses its designers for the quality of product we see and for the story we can tell with each piece. We proudly present to you our treasure trove of designers who create their designs with pride and love.

Our mission is twofold: to provide world class service to our consumers and to find and support talented designers from around the globe. We look for artists with a purpose and sustainable or cause driven designers. We guarantee quality of construction and originality of design and we don't sell fur or products made from endangered or threatened animals.

Check in often - we’re always introducing new independent designers, new products and new features!

Remember, Moxsie wants you to buy independent. Support products of superior quality and uniqueness, and get great value for your money... we've given you a place to start!